Who Will You Vote For?

There was once an era of glorious morals presented by Muslims and history has recorded the appreciation hailed by the people of hostile nations of the time. To give an example it would not be out of tune to present here a declaration by Patriarch Michael III of Anchialos expressing the situation in the 12th century:

“Let the Muslim be my master in outward things rather than the Latin dominate me in matters of the spirit. For if I am subject to the Muslim, at least he will not force me to share his faith, But if I have to be under Frankish rule and united with the Roman Church, I may have to separate myself from my God”

I am sure if he were alive today, he would have blazed his statement considering the present condition of Muslims when all they have to say is violence and hostility against anyone who has a different viewpoint than that of their own.

Three years have gone by since I left my native soil Pakistan, I can still recall the moment when I left my country and came here to the people I had only seen on TV screens, Africa. I was afraid as I had heard the stories of cannibals, anarchy and lawlessness. People called it the Dark Continent for such reasons. They were wrong. If lawlessness and cannibalism, being for the good of some individuals, are the ciphers of Dark Land then I am afraid it is my own country, my birthplace, the land of pure, Pakistan!

Recent incident of Master Abdul Qudoos will corroborate my aforesaid apprehension; the country which was achieved in the name of upholding the moral values has trodden the human dignity let alone the morality, obvious by the response of the media after the inhumane murder of a Respected School Teacher by the state organ. Master Abdul Qudoos who used to train his students “love of your country is a part of your faith”was victimized by the same country for only imparting this beautiful message to the next generation. He taught his pupils to be law-abiding citizens, but unfortunately the protectors of the law of which he once sermonised his students, brutally tortured him to death. What message has been delivered to the upcoming generation? Is it apparent for our children not to trust in law as it is a play thing in the hands of some individuals who can utilize it for their own advantage at any point of time? Does that signify the complete absence of integrity from Pakistan or is it a message for others not to dare promote sanity in this land of pure?  If so, then I would advise all those who try to cultivate ethics, wisdom and astuteness in Pakistan to please give it up lest you become the next Master Abdul Qadoos. It seems as what Pakistan needs is fanatic Mullahs, Qadris and followers with brazen ignorance who dare not question whatsoever comes across them.

In fact, I can’t help “saluting” the gentleman called Master Abdul Qudoos for his guidance to his students was so unadulterated, so influential that even after such an unambiguous assassination, they are beseeching the justice from the same system which has tormented the justice itself. Can anyone give an example of more law-abiding people than these in Pakistan?

If I just start counting the ruthless murders by Muslims in Pakistan, it gives enough grounds to a sane Non-Muslim not to believe in Islam as a peaceful religion or solution for the current problems of the world, the incident of humiliating murder of two brothers in Sialkot by a fanatical mob of MUSLIMS, killing of a bus driver in Gujrat by smashing his head with the bricks, setting the Christian homes on fire in Gojra, abduction of Hindu girls in Sindh, converting them compellingly to Islam when the entire structure of administration is aware of it and every day killing of Shias, Ahmadis and Hazaras are only a few of the long list of carnage on roll in Pakistan. Unfortunately, in the political sphere, Pakistan have nowadays taken to the Medieval way of using religion as a means to wield power, thereby falling into the hellish pit of ‘tumult and sedition’, leaving communities and individuals to misery and destruction.

If Pakistan is the envoy of Islamic States and a model for Muslims all over the world then I would prefer Thomas More’s Utopia rather than Islam for my moral and spiritual guidance who had a law, “that no man ought be punished for his religion”, and I would vote for Utopus, the king of Utopia who made a law so that every man might be of what religion he pleased, and endeavor to draw others to it by the force of argument’.


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